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Nancy Parenteau

Dr. Nancy Parenteau

I'm the creator and your guide and moderator for our leadership programs. I'm an avid student of leadership, industry pioneer, company founder, entrepreneur, and advisor with 30-plus years of experience leading, observing, and inspiring knowledge-worker teams.

While we all learn from our mistakes, you don't have to learn by repeating those of others or trying to achieve your objectives without the principles and best practices that could help you succeed, have a more significant impact, and experience more joy in what you do!

Our continuing education offerings on leadership are resources I wish I'd had. This continuing education is my way of paying it forward in something I'm passionate about.

Build upon the shoulders of others to maintain exemplary leadership that is astute, clear and high-impact.


Thanks for taking the next step with me.

Fine-tuning our leadership is one of the most fundamental things we can do to ensure success no matter where we are in our careers.

Our free and paid on-demand leadership programs and resources will be rolled out starting in March 2023 with plans for peer-to-peer discussion in live Mastermind groups as we grow.

I hope you enjoy the material. I'm looking forward to your feedback!


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