The Emerging Leaders in Science and Engineering (ELSE) Course


Who is it for?

Any scientist or engineer motivated to unleash their full career potential!

With our transformative leadership training and coaching, you'll overcome professional fears and achieve the success you envision.

We understand the unique challenges faced by scientists and engineers in the biotech industry and offer specialized guidance and skill development to help you break free from limitations, gain recognition, ignite your passion, and propel your career forward confidently and purposefully.


What makes the ELSE course different?

The course is a "smart," four-part approach to leadership development.


One: Understand the Elements That Every Leader Should Know


Two: Make Them Relevant to Your Work Environment and Challenges


Three: Learn What You Need to Work On


Four: Develop the Skills With Expert Guidance


How Will It Transform My Career?

  • You'll learn how to thrive in the competitive biotech landscape.
  • You'll learn to stay ahead of the game and maximize your earning potential by preparing for new responsibilities and opportunities.
  • You'll leave with tools that showcase your true talents, inspire your team, and allow you to become a respected and noticed leader in your organization.
  • You'll have the tools to reduce the risk of failure and handle project challenges easily.
  • You'll learn how to be more resilient in a high-risk environment, able to bounce back stronger and be ready for new opportunities.
  • You'll unleash your professional potential, reclaim joy in your work, and pave the path to long-term success in the biotech industry.


  • Lectures that are segmented into short videos that you can easily fit into your schedule at home or work. A detailed syllabus is provided upon enrollment. You may cancel anytime before June 15th* for a full refund.
  • Self-assessment tools to identify your current strengths and things to work on in the next 6-12 months
  • Further reading 
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • Ongoing support: Students that successfully complete the course gain membership in a community with ongoing interaction, priority access to new resources, special course discounts, and more.


More Details

The ELSE course lasts six weeks, during which time you’ll have access to the online lessons to complete at your own pace. With time to self-assess, start implementing, ask questions, and get feedback from your mentor.

About Your Instructor and Mentor

Nancy is a former CSO who rose through the ranks as you hope to do. She has experienced the challenges first-hand and knows what the C-suite values. For information about your instructor, visit her LinkedIn page.


How do I enroll?

*The next session for the ELSE course begins June 15, 2023.  

Tuition is $575.00, due by June 10, 2023.

Please contact us for group discounts.



Contact us at Please include "ELSE" in the title.

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