Nancy Parenteau

Dr. Nancy Parenteau

I'm the creator and your guide and moderator in the BioLeader Tune-Up™. As a leader in bioscience with 30 years of experience, I am paying it forward.

While we all learn from our mistakes, you don't have to learn by repeating those of others or trying to achieve your objectives without the principles and best practices that could help you succeed, have greater impact, and experience more joy in what you do.

The BioLeader Tune-Up is a resource I wish I'd had. I'm so pleased you're considering joining the program.

Bioscience development is hard, with a candidate's success rate stubbornly around 10-20%. Let's move the needle.

""Failure is inevitable…among biotech companies. These failures sometimes come back to science, but there are many common setbacks that can be avoided through careful study and stringent organization.”     AlleyWatch

Build upon the shoulders of others to achieve bioscience leadership that is astute, clear and high-impact.

Hi, and thanks for taking the next step with me.

Because you're on this page, it's highly likely that you already appreciate how your leadership matters.

Good call because fine-tuning your bioscience leadership is a worthy investment of your time and attention.

It is one of the most fundamental things you can do to improve the odds of success. Once you're aware of it, it's onward and upward!

Get started

if you'd like to talk before making a decision, let's chat. I can answer any questions, and together, we can determine whether the BioLeader Tune-Up (BLTU) is a program that you'll enjoy participating in.

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Consider these unique features :

  • You Get Thirty Days to Experience the Program Before Committing

I want to be sure you will enjoy and find value in participating. So, you get to experience the method and platform with 30-day access to self-assess your current practices and habits, along with a section on Management vs. Leadership and achieving the appropriate balance for your situation. Also included are our weekly live, online sessions. All I ask is that you try it in earnest.  

If you choose not to continue, let me know by e-mail or text by the end the 30-day trial period, and you won't be charged.

  •  Three Proprietary Grounding Principles are Designed to Create a Competitive Advantage

We'll cover how to practice them in different situations, resulting in renewed, well-developed, savvy foresight where development and management pitfalls are readily anticipated and avoided.

  • You Get Leadership Practices Tailored for Bioscience Application

The BLTU program does not leave you swimming in the theoretical trying to find relevance to what you face. Instead, our content is grounded in real-life bioscience examples of what can happen when we do not maintain a sufficient command of the six elements of leadership.

  •  It's a Method Tailored to Your Needs

The method of guided self-assessment allows you to work at your own pace. The program has flexibility and ample time to dig deep into your most significant concerns; while providing concrete ways to study and implement changes.  

The platform integrates the opportunity to interact within each module.

Live weekly mastermind sessions allow us to broaden the discussion or dig deeper into topics.

  • I Win When You Win

You'll get honest advice from someone who sincerely cares about increasing your impact because I raise my impact by successfully helping others. To that end, I share lessons learned, insights, and realizations I arrived at over many years, detailed within a program I wish I'd had.

You'll boost your bioscience leadership upon the shoulders of my experience—of being where you are in creating high-impact bioscience solutions and learning from my mistakes.

Whether you're facing management, complex science, or development challenges, you'll tap into peer experiences and my concept-to-market journey for that leg up, strengthened by the best leadership research and practice. Instead of learning from mistakes, you could have avoided.

  • I Work Only With People I Can Help

If, after chatting, we conclude that the program is not something you can embark on at this time, I'll suggest some interim measures to consider.  

I care about you achieving a positive outcome. Therefore, helping you in the right way is first and foremost.

  •  I'm Here for You

You'll have a dedicated e-mail and my mobile number to contact me with problems or questions. If you could use additional input on specific confidential issues, we can schedule a time to talk privately.

BTW: here's what our chat will NOT be...

So that you know, your 30-minute meeting will not be a sales pitch.

Frankly, I want you to leave the meeting with an accurate idea of what the program is about and what will be asked of you. Without it, I’d be doing you a disservice. 

You know how it is … literacy isn't mastery … the map is not the territory … and all those truisms. 

It's better that I'm upfront with you about what it takes to fine-tune leadership practices, so things stick. To gain the most benefit, it will require that you are prepared to approach the guided self-assessments in earnest, are prepared to practice a few things, and take full advantage of the live sessions–the BLTU version of a mastermind.

If it turns out you'd benefit more from something different at this time, I'll make some suggestions and may point you to other resources.

And here's what I'll need from you when you apply or book a time to chat...

You'll be asked to confirm:

  • You've attended the Executive Briefing on Leadership Practices That Deliver. If not, you can reserve a spot here.
  • You are a senior industry scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, or founder (specific titles don't matter) who has primary responsibility for one or more company-defining (i.e., major) bioscience programs.
  • You have a current budget to pay the fees of either $$9,800 upfront or $1,250 monthly over 7 months.
  • You are prepared to begin soon after you are accepted.

Okay … so if you're ready to get started, you can go directly to the application or, if you aren't sure it's for you, let's talk. You'll be asked to confirm your responses to the 4 criteria above before continuing. I’ll really look forward to meeting you.